Wyoming Deer Hunt Area 76 has been identified as a new area with chronic wasting disease, so North Dakotans hunting in this area must follow the same transportation and importation regulations as in other out-of-state places where CWD is present.

Hunters can no longer transport into North Dakota the whole carcass, or carcass parts of white-tailed deer, mule deer or elk from areas within states or provinces with documented occurrences of CWD in wild populations and private game farms.

North Dakota’s 2004 carcass importation and transportation proclamation establishes these guidelines as a precaution against the possible spread of chronic wasting disease into the state. To date, CWD has not been diagnosed in wild or farmed deer or elk in North Dakota.

More information about CWD and a complete list of states and provinces and hunting units with CWD can be found on the North Dakota Game and Fish Department web site.

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