The chronic wasting disease 2008 fall hunter surveillance program is winding down. As of January 7, 2009, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development lab has completed tests on just over 3,000 heads. Individual hunters are notified of negative results when they are available through the Alberta Relm site, and letters are sent in the mail. Hunters should check the webpage for results generally four to six weeks after submitting the head. A blank screen means that no results for that animal are available. Note that a hunter can access information only about their own deer. Any hunter who harvests a CWD-positive deer receives a phone call directly from Fish and Wildlife.

To date we have found six new cases of chronic wasting disease from the fall 2008 surveillance samples, as shown on the updated map and included in the table of cumulative results.

Hunters, please note that if you still have frozen deer heads that you would like to submit to the CWD surveillance program, please drop them off at any Fish and Wildlife office during regular office hours.

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