A deer has tested positive for chronic wasting disease as a result of tests on samples collected earlier this month at Wind Cave National Park, the park said Friday in a release.

Twenty-one other deer tested negative for the fatal brain malady and two other samples were inconclusive, according to the statement. The samples were analyzed at the Colorado State University Diagnostic Lab in Fort Collins, Colo.

The 24 deer are part of a three-year study of the park’s deer herd. Forty deer were checked last year. The deer have collars that contain radio transmitters.

”We are encouraged that only one animal out of 22 tested positive for this disease,” said Linda Stoll, Wind Cave superintendent. ”The animal with CWD will be located and euthanized to prevent the spread of the disease.”

Seventy deer and seven elk in the national park have been tested for chronic wasting disease since 1998. Five deer and one elk have tested positive.

Chronic wasting has been found in wild deer or elk in Wyoming, Colorado, Illinois, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, Utah and Wisconsin.

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