Dane County might have its own ban on baiting and feeding wild white-tailed deer this fall after the state ban expires Sept. 1.

County Board Supervisor Brett Hulsey is introducing an ordinance tonight at the County Board meeting to extend the ban on feeding and baiting deer in Dane County past the state expiration date, to reduce the spread of chronic wasting disease in the epicenter of the deadly disease.

Two state legislative committees voted earlier in July to drop the baiting and feeding ban, but the Natural resources Board objected to the committees’ actions. The objection will come up before the Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules, but no vote has been set yet.

Because most of the deer discovered to be carrying chronic wasting disease were from Dane County, Hulsey and other supervisors say they feel it’s necessary to continue the ban here, even if the state lifts the ban elsewhere.

“It’s a good way to limit the spread of chronic wasting disease,” Hulsey said.

The ordinance introduced tonight will be taken up in committee next week, with a possible vote on the baiting and feeding ban coming up at the next County Board meeting August 7.

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