ANNAPOLIS – In an on going effort to protect the state’s deer herd from Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) requests that Maryland deer hunters voluntarily abide by certain guidelines when bringing deer parts into Maryland from West Virginia or other CWD-positive states or Canadian Provinces. CWD, a fatal disease of deer and elk, was recently discovered in several white-tailed deer in Hampshire County, West Virginia. The guidelines for hunters are:

  • Hunters can bring into Maryland deer meat that is detached from the bones, cleaned hide and cape, antlers, antlers attached to a clean skull cap, clean upper canine elk teeth, a tanned hide or finished taxidermy mount.

  • All other parts should be disposed in the state or province of harvest according to that state or province’s guidelines.

DNR thanks all hunters for voluntarily cooperating with these guidelines. Regulations will be proposed for the 2006-07 deer hunting seasons that will restrict the importation of certain deer parts from CWD positive states and provinces.

Further in formation on CWD can be found on the DNR website and the CWD Alliance website

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