The North Dakota Game and Fish Department will continue its Hunter-Harvested Surveillance program during the 2007 hunting season by sampling deer from units in the eastern third of the state.

Samples from hunter-harvested deer will be tested for chronic wasting disease and bovine tuberculosis from units: 1, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E, 2F1, 2F2, 2G, 2G1, 2G2 and 2L. Participating hunters whose deer have been sampled will have their names entered in a drawing for five muzzleloaders and 100 Sagen Saws.

How can my deer be sampled? If your deer was harvested from the designated sampling area and is a yearling or older, deer heads may be dropped off at voluntary drop-off locations listed below. Heads will also be collected from cooperating meat processors and taxidermists throughout the region.

  • Brocket – KO Bar
  • Cavalier – Ugly’s Tavern
  • Devils Lake – North Dakota Game and Fish District Office, 7928 45th St. SE
  • Fargo – Fleet Farm, 3730 36th St. S
  • Fordville – Waldo’s Bar
  • Forest River – Tom’s Lounge
  • Grand Forks – Ted’s Taxidermy, 1202 Shakespeare Rd.
  • Gwinner – Johnnie B’s Bar & Grill
  • Hannaford – Remedy Bar
  • Jamestown – North Dakota Game and Fish District Office, 3320 E. Lakeside Rd.
  • Munich – Dave’s Joint
  • Nekoma – Pain Reliever
  • Rock Lake – Cahill’s Pub
  • Walhalla – North Dakota Forest Service Office, 101 5th St.
  • Wolford – Corregidor Bar

What information has to be attached to the head? Every deer head sampled must have either the deer tag attached or a new tag can be filled out and attached with the following required information: license number, deer hunting unit, and date harvested. Any deer without the required information will not be sampled.

Who is eligible for prizes? The Department will randomly select winners from the list of all hunters whose deer were sampled during the 2007 sampling efforts. Whether the deer head was collected at a meat processor, taxidermist, or voluntary drop-off location does not affect eligibility for the drawing.

What about moose and elk? All moose and elk harvested are eligible for sampling regardless of the hunting unit. Moose and elk hunters whose animals are tested will are also eligible for the hunter cooperator drawing.

If I submit more than one deer that is sampled will I be entered into the drawing more than once? Yes. Every sample tested gives the hunter another “entry” in the hunter cooperator drawing.

Are head-shot animals accepted and can skull caps be removed? Yes and yes. There are two tissues which can be tested for CWD, the brainstem and lymph nodes located at the back of the neck (medial retropharyngeal lymph node). It is a rare event that both of these tissues have been destroyed; therefore, head-shot animals and animals with skull caps removed will be sampled. Make sure the head is properly and securely marked.

How long will the Department collect deer heads? Barrels will be at the designated collection sites by November 9th. The barrels will remain in place until our sampling goals have been met, which is typically the end of November.

Will fawns be collected? No. Both CWD and TB are chronic progressive diseases which take a long time to develop. Therefore, fawns are highly unlikely to carry either disease.

How will I know if I won a prize? The Department will notify those hunters whose names were drawn. Hunters will be notified by the end of December if they won.

Will I be notified of the testing results of my animal? Currently, North Dakota is considered CWD and TB free. In the unlikely event that an animal tests positive for either disease, the hunter will be notified. Hunters will not be notified of negative results.

How long does it take for the Department to get the testing results? All of the test results should be received by February, 2008.

What are the plans for future CWD and TB testing? We will sample deer hunting units in central North Dakota in 2008 and western North Dakota in 2009. This allows the entire state to be sampled over a three-year period.

Download frequently asked questions and poster advertising this drawing (1.6Mb PDF).

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