Human Dimensions of Wildlife Volume 9 (2004) Quarterly ISSN Print 1087-1209 ISSN Online 1533-158X

Human Dimensions of Wildlife is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal devoted to the study of social considerations in fisheries and wildlife management. The journal provides an open forum for exchange of human dimensions information.

This special issue of Human Dimensions of Wildlife – Issue 9/3 focuses on chronic wasting disease.

Chronic wasting disease (CWD) is a brain disease that is always fatal in deer and elk, but is not thought to be naturally transmissible to humans. The disease has been discovered among captive and free-ranging herds in several western and midwestern states and provinces in North America. Although substantial research has been conducted on the pathology, transmission, and clinical signs of CWD, little is known about the human dimensions of the disease. The collection of articles in this special issue of Human Dimensions of Wildlife is a first step to address this knowledge gap.

Co-Editors: Jerry Vaske and Michael Manfredo, Colorado State University, Department of Natural Resource Recreation & Tourism, 244 Forestry Building, Fort Collins, CO 80523, USA

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Peer Reviewed Articles

• “Fire in the Sistine Chapel”: How Wisconsin Responded to Chronic Wasting Disease, Thomas A. Heberlein • The Economic Impacts of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in Wisconsin, Richard C. Bishop • Chronic Wasting Disease in Wisconsin: Hunter Behavior, Perceived Risk, and Agency Trust, Jerry J. Vaske, Nicole R. Timmons, Jay Beaman, and Jordan Petchenik • Hunters’ Behavior and Acceptance of Management Actions Related to Chronic Wasting Disease in Eight States, Mark D. Needham, Jerry J. Vaske, and Michael J. Manfredo

Findings Abstracts

• Hunters’ Concerns About Chronic Wasting Disease in South Dakota, Larry M. Gigliotti • Deer Hunter Participation and Chronic Wasting Disease in Illinois: An Assessment at Time Zero, Craig A. Miller • Potential Economic Impacts of Chronic Wasting Disease in Colorado, Andrew F. Seidl and Stephen R. Koontz

Book Review

• Jan E. Dizard, Mortal Stakes: Hunters and Hunting in Contemporary America, Reviewed by Stephen L. Eliason

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