According to Pennsylvania Game Commission officials, the good news for a Lancaster County hunter who visited Hampshire County, West Virginia, is that the two deer he brought back from that state’s 2005 seasons tested negative for chronic wasting disease (CWD). Hampshire County is the area of West Virginia from which Pennsylvania hunters are restricted in what parts they may bring back to the Commonwealth to prevent hunters from unknowingly returning with any parts that could spread CWD.

However, the bad news for Joseph C. Clement, 50, of Manor Street in Lancaster, is that he was charged with two counts of unlawful possession of game not properly marked by Lancaster County Wildlife Conservation Officer (WCO) John Veylupek. If convicted of both charges, which were filed in District Justice Cheryl Hartman’s office, Clement faces up to $1,600 in fines and the possible loss of his hunting and trapping privileges.

Additionally, WCO Veylupek has informed West Virginia Department of Natural Resources officials about the case, as Clement allegedly failed to properly tag the two deer and did not take his deer to a required check station. He also allegedly violated West Virginia’s game laws that prohibit hunters from taking more than one deer per day.

“These actions also are in violation of the state Department of Agriculture’s importation ban that was in place at the time of the incident, and also may be a violation of the federal Lacy Act,” WCO Veylupek said. Agriculture Department officials were provided information on the matter.

Veylupek offered his thanks to the confidential informants who contacted the Game Commission regarding the incident.

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