The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board approved a set of rules on Wednesday that are intended to eradicate Chronic Wasting Disease and control its spread in Wisconsin’s white-tailed deer herd.

The rules establish a new intensive harvest and herd reduction zone, set seasons and regulations for these zones, provide guidelines for determining CWD eradication zones, outline tools for the depopulation of the deer within the eradication zone, and prohibit the baiting and feeding of deer statewide.

In addition to adopting these rules, the Board approved the associated Environmental Impact Statement which analyzed and discussed the effects of the proposed rules on the environment, the disease and Wisconsin’s citizens.

Now that the NRB has adopted these rules, the rules will be referred to the Legislature for review in both the Assembly and Senate. Provided both houses approve of these rules, the effective date for the implementation of the rules would be early September 2003.

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