SPOONER, Wis. — Hunters are being reminded that shot placement is vital if they plan to have their deer tested for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). Department of Natural Resources officials say hunters hoping to participate in the statewide CWD surveillance program are bringing in deer shot through the head or neck.

“We appreciate people coming into the collection sites and wanting to help us out with the surveillance by offering a deer for sampling. Unfortunately, deer shot in the head or upper part of the neck cannot be tested for CWD because the sample taken for the disease is from the lower part of the brain stem. We need hunters to keep that in mind as they head out in the woods this T-Zone weekend,” said Jim Bishop, Public Affairs Manager for the Department’s northern region.

The Department is testing about 500 deer per county for CWD during the current T-Zone antlerless only deer hunt and the upcoming November gun season. The tests will determine if the disease exists in free ranging deer anywhere outside of the infection area near Mt. Horeb in South Central Wisconsin.

Hunters are also reminded that non-hunters are using the woodlands and to keep in mind the first rule of gun safety: “make sure of your target and beyond.” Non-hunters using the woodlands during the T-Zone hunt and the statewide Youth Gun hunt on Saturday are advised to wear some blaze orange or bright-colored clothing.

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