LANCASTER, Wis – Once again, the Department of Natural Resources will host an Open House here to present information on deer management, herd status and hunting in roughly two-thirds of Grant County.

The Open House will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 21, from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Youth and Ag Center Auditorium (Fairgrounds), 1916 East Elm St., Lancaster.

DNR wildlife biologists Becky Roth, Boscobel, and Bill Ishmael, Dodgeville, will focus on the 2006 harvest, population estimates, proposed antlerless quotas and the likelihood of reaching those quotas with the regular nine-day hunting season framework in 2007 in deer management unit (DMU) 73B, 73D and 73A(Wyalusing State Park), units not in DNR’s chronic wasting disease (CWD) Herd Reduction Zone (HRZ).

The biologists emphasize that the Open House is aimed primarily for those persons who hunt, reside or are interested in the status of the deer herd in the three DMUs.

Another Open House will be held next month for Grant County DMUs 73E – CWD and 73B – CWD, located in the CWD HRZ.

For more information, contact Ms. Roth at 608-375-4231 or Mr. Ishmael at 608-935-1918.

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